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Zachary Lo
The Tall
Asked a question 2 years ago

How do you guys manage to do your course readings without falling asleep?

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Nicole Caballero
User Experience Designer

For any type of work, I like using the pomodoro66 technique (it's basically a timer set in 25 minute intervals, with short breaks in between). I find that having a sense of urgency helps me focus my energy and stay engaged with the material. The awareness about how I'm spending my time also makes me less inclined to waste it being distracted. As for the falling asleep part, a bit (or alot) of coffee, plus instrumental music like Fahmida suggested usually does the trick for me ☝🏼

Fahmida S
Habit formation research lead

Having some background noise that's not too distracting helps. Any upbeat music without lyrics

Reading my readings out loud, or having any audio transcribing app/extension read it to me


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