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Habit Advice
Habit Advice

Are you facing some difficulties with forming a habit? Be open about the situation you're experiencing and your community is here to share some advice. Everyone has difficult moments, so it's likely that someone who's gone through it in the past can share you some advice. We can all thrive by helping one another!

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Shahryar Khan
President at Unload UofT

Start really small, so small that it barely makes a difference. For example if you have never worked out, but really want to. Don't set a goal for working out for 2 hours per day, more than likely you will... (More)

I believe Anosha covered up most of the points, but to add on, limiting screen time at least 1-2 hours before bedtime can also be really helpful to regulate sleep cycle! But keep in mind that waking up early can't... (More)

Ines Olivares
User Experience Coordinator

Of course! Challenging yourself to stop a bad habit is basically creating a good habit :) 

I am not sure if this will help but I use my phone as my alarm clock and I will put my alarm for every 15-20 minutes to motivate myself to wake up. For example, if I want to wake... (More)